TBTL Podcast

TBTL-a-Thon 11


TBTL Talent Show!

Watch Luke, Andrew, and Tens of Listeners on for the first-ever TBTL Talent Show below!

TBTL Daily Meetups!

Luke and Andrew are hosting daily listener meetups via Zoom Monday through Thursday. The theme is Show and Tell! Relive the best part of grade school by bringing a beloved object that you want to share with the rest of the class! Meetups will be broken-up by time zone, and the schedule is below. Please register based on where you live at the links below so we can manage the size of each group. Remember, seats are limited.

Here is the meetup schedule: 

MON: Eastern Time Zone Meetup 6PM ET - THANKS FOR JOINING!

TUE: Central Time Zone Meetup 6PM CT - THANKS FOR JOINING!

WED: Mountain Zone Meetup 6PM MT - THANKS FOR JOINING!

WED: International Tens Meetup 7PM PT - THANKS FOR JOINING!

THUR: Pacific Time Meetup 6PM PT - THANKS FOR JOINING!