#3148 That's DOCTOR Boyardee To You

Photo of Luke's Freezer, which he broke trying to chisel frost off it

#3148 That's DOCTOR Boyardee To You

Luke and Andrew wax nostalgic about Domino’s pizza, Cisco Morris, and the old fashioned radio days of TBTL. They also reveal the round 2 winners in the Drops of Stupider contest!

The updated "Drops of Stupider" bracket after round 2 voting

Click here to see the updated Drops of Stupider bracket, and vote for the new match-ups below:

Kids & Animals

I Feel Happy of Myself! vs B-B-B-Blocking Out the Haters

I Like Turtles vs I Don't Watch the News Cause I'm a Kid

Radio Days (or Daze)

I Love Jesus But I Drink a Little vs A Hoy Hoy

Let the Fun Begin vs Shut It Down, America

TBTL Organics

The Marsupial Gurgle vs Oooh! Explicit!

Power Out vs The Walshelm Scream

Who Needs a Movie?

That's a Pretty Good Spoof vs Two Bros Broing it Up!

The Answer, sadly, is... Not Yes vs Is it Too Early to Get a Fish Sandwich