#3138 Animate The Abs

A photo Andrew took of bar stools is being used in a news story

#3138 Animate The Abs

Luke and Andrew discuss their strange mental states on Day 26 of “Shut It Down, America.” Plus Andrew figures out who some sports radio guy is, Luke gets duped by a fake headline, and we hear the final contestants in the Drops of Stupider contest.

Vote for the today’s group of “Drops of Stupider” match-ups here:

The Marsupial Gurgle vs Susie Burbank Saying "Coming Tonight on TBTL"

Make me a filet milong… vs I Say, I Say, What's Up Dog

Bagel Baggel Beagle Boggle Boogle vs Rawr!

Oooh! Explicit! vs DFTB door opening sound

Power Out vs You'll Know When I'm Doing the Accent

Oh Shit. Things are hard. vs Nailed it

It’s your lucky day… (USB drive) vs I Cannot Believe He Just Told That Joke

The Walshelm Scream vs Chevre

The bracket for the TBTL Drops of Stupider contest!